About IMFs Corporation

IMFs is a privately held C-Corporation, incorporated March 16, 2010 in North Carolina.  Attempts were made to incorporate the company “on the reservation” (Federally recognized Tribe) of the majority owner.  Inability and incompetence in tribal “offices” led to the abandonment of those efforts.

IMFs Corporation is:
* A North Carolina Private Protective Services Board Licensee / Registered Company for Training (Basic & Armed)
! August 2023: After almost exactly 4 hours of coercion, stupidity, ‘enslavement’, threats to ‘vanish/disappear’ our (trainers) certifications (“like we did your license”) and every other order of bullying, tyranny and being stomped on by people that incorrectly perceive themselves as ‘giants’: We got our License (back)!
– (Proprietary) License Number: 697808-POC
– Business Permit Number: 163624M
* A NRA Affiliated Agency for Law Enforcement Training (Expired 2019)

The reason for a “Corporate Wrapper” was, because of the “nature” of the services (defense, security, law enforcement, and firearms training) and the “changing nature” of those industries pending the outcome of “The Blackwater cases/trials” and other litigation, that “Corporate Layered Liability Protection” was necessary.

The name?  Inter-Molecular Forces (IMFs).  Un-seen (or invisible, or “not knowable”) forces of attraction and repulsion between molecules.  A lot of “us” made “nerdy-cool” company names during this time because most of what these types of companies did was through private contract, not exposed to the public. (See “Xe” – an inert, odorless gas that when “agitated” becomes deadly.)  Unseen (invisible, not knowable)… forces.  It is an IMF (or IMFs) that “agitates” Xe turning it deadly.

The “Blackwater Settlements” (2010-2012) led to the disappearance (rebranding) of Xe.  The “new Corporate Management” of Academi demanded that “sub-contractors” get “Certified” and carry their own insurance (again, the “Corporate Layered Liability” thing) to continue providing training services through Blackwater/Xe/Academi.  By the time “the red tape” of getting certified in North Carolina was accomplished, there was nothing left for “the subs” (including contacts and managers) at Academi.  The industry (security, arms, private defense, protective services, related training) itself had undergone a gigantic shift to overseas markets.  “…90% of the private security contractors in Afghanistan are Afghans.” – See more at: The Rutherford Institute :: Privatizing the War on Terror: America’s Military Contractors ( https://goo.gl/xjrOSu )

To offset the time/money investments in “getting certified” IMFs Corp started offering “regular” defense and firearms training (NRA, North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun) publicly.  In 2013 we added NRA Law Enforcement Certification and in 2014 North Carolina Private Protective Services (Basic and Armed).

In 2015 IMFs suffered a “catastrophic” web-site “hack” (exploit of wordpress) and at the time of this writing (August) we are still trying to put our web presence back in order.

At the heart of Atomic Chain Reaction lies IMFs.  When it comes right down to it, and ask the “greatest” physicists and scientists to drill down and explain what makes the biggest booms go boom, they cannot answer (honestly) with anything other than Inter-Molecular Forces.  Or, inexplicable forces attracting and repelling radio-actively-charged-atoms causing them to push together or break apart from their molecular chains.  They know it works, they know how to make it work, they can’t tell you why it works.


 About the founder, President/CEO, lead instructor at IMFs Corporation: