NC Concealed Carry

North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Course

NC CCH Books

$90.00 per person – participant provides their own gun and ammunition

$100.00 per person – participant shoots the instructor’s gun and ammunition

Discounts/Group Rates available for classes of eight (8) or more.

* * * * * Absolutely NO LIVE AMMUNITION in the classroom * * * * *

What you get:

  • “A minimum of eight hours (classroom and range)” of instruction (fun and informative instructors are utilized by IMFs only – you won’t get a long, heavy dose of boredom in our course).
  • Full-Size B-27 Police Silhouette Target(s) for practice and qualification.
  • A copy of the latest “Red Book” (North Carolina Justice Academy’s Concealed Carry Handgun Training “Model Course” Manual)
  • A copy of the Power-Point slide-show if you want it (bring a USB flash drive or provide an email address and we’ll send you a link).
  • The Certificate – required ‘proof of course completion’ to turn in with your CCH Permit application at the Sheriff’s department.
  • Follow-up Q/A and step-by-step help with the Sherriff’s “after the class, application for Permit” process.
  • Access and contact information for the best local firearms/defense instructors and shooting ranges.
  • One hour ($10) of “range time” at H2O Fowl Farms outdoor range included in the course fees.

What you need to bring to the class/course:

  • Proof of pre-payment. No participants/students will be registered or allowed in the class without payment in advance.
  • Your handgun (if you have it and are using it to learn and qualify).
  • At least thirty (30) rounds of ammunition. Minimum qualification requires 30 rounds, you should bring enough for a few practice shots or “duds”. If you do not fire 30 rounds you will not qualify and will not receive your certificate. (If using the instructor’s gun, up to 50 rounds will be provided for you.) DO NOT bring any ammunition into the classroom. You will be told when to get your ammunition at the range.
  • Your holster (if you have it and want to learn and practice “presentation and draw” techniques with your own equipment).
  • Snacks or drinks if you want/need them.

What you absolutely DO NOT need to have with you during the course:

  • Live ammunition of any kind (until instructed to use live/real ammunition for practice and qualification at the range).
  • Cell/Smart-Phones; tablets, laptops, or mini-computational devices; recording (audio or video) equipment; or any other “gizmos” used for web-surfing, texting, gaming, self-distracting, etc. If you can’t do without your “connected world” for the 50-60 minute sessions (between breaks) – get your “NCCCH Instruction” somewhere else.
  • Any “felonious activity” on your record. It is only illegal for our instructors to KNOWINGLY provide access to firearms to known felons (and our instructors do not do that). It is ALWAYS ILLEGAL for a felon to “gain access to” or “possess” a firearm (loaded or not).