July 2023 Efforts AGAINST NC CCH Proposed Changes

From: Dean Wiley, President/CEO, “Lead Trainer/Instructor”
July 6, 2023

( 09/02/23 Scroll down a lot for the ‘new-new’ way to submit a Request For Legislative Review or Delayed Effective Date )

If ‘we’ (the people) do not fight** the “proposed changes” to N.C.’s Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Laws* (*Rules, “The Administrative Code, no proposed edit or amendment to “The Law” is at issue) then ‘we’ (the people) are going to be without Concealed Carry instruction. If the “proposed changes” go through ‘we’ (IMFs Corp and ‘our’ affiliated/befriended CCH instructors) estimate that the price per person of a CCH Class will be somewhere around USD$250.00 and classes will be given only on the ‘absolute pre-determined (called pre-delivery) schedule’ proposed by “the government.”

The “stated purpose” of these “proposed changes”: stop fraud. “There may have been instances of [CCH] Instructors ‘selling certificates’.”

The “unstated but ‘known’ by all of us real purpose”: Kill CCH in NC. Make no one ‘want to’ give the classes except those that will charge so much for it that no one will pay to take a class. ( The irony here is that the ‘certificate sellers’ will just ‘mill/sell’ more certificates because no one can ‘get a class’. )

The ‘alt-far-right’ secret plot/plan/57-dimention-chess theory: This will ‘make sure’ that when (my opinion: Useless) Lt. Governor Mark Robinson “becomes Governor in 2024 we’ll get Constitutional (Concealed) Carry for sure!”

Round One: FIGHT!**

Request Legislative Review. As of the time of the writing of this web-log page, there are approximately five “Request for Legislative Review” letters “in the mail.”

Here is a Microsoft Word document that has the correct “format” for the “Rules” line. Please, download it, edit it to have your name and address, and mail it to the address on the form:

If TEN (10) are received by the N.C. Rules Review Commission “timely” (I am not sure what that means) the “effective start” will be removed/delayed until …? ( until ‘review’ is complete ) If ten are not received… nothing. We (the people) will have missed the “speak now or forever hold your peace” part.

Update: 3:07PM we have ‘confirmed’ mailing of at least the ten required. We are hoping that many more – perhaps hundreds – go in.

Round One-Point-Zero-One: FIGHT!**

If you want ‘to be heard’ you MUST submit “comment” to Michelle Schilling, Deputy Director, NCDOJ Criminal Justice Standards Division (Training and Research Section): mschilling@ncdoj.gov

Caution/Reminder: Keep your ‘comment’ completely professional. Hashtag-2A garbage, ranting and name calling will only result in: “we lose.”

Here’s mine: 2023_0702_RE_Proposed_Changes_NCCCH_Instructors_FINAL_NOPS (word) and 2023_0702_RE_Proposed_Changes_NCCCH_Instructors_FINAL_NOPS (pdf)

( I probably ‘should not’ have called “THEM/THEY” – all of NC-dot-gov “Tyrants”. But, I did. Because I truly and totally believe that to be true. I call it “The Tyranny of Stupidity.” That is “my experience.” )

Update: M. Schilling replied to my email on 07/05/23: Thank you, Mr. Wiley. I will ensure the Commissioners of the Planning & Standards Committee receive your comments.

Harvey E. Morse has made Great Efforts and allowed me/us to ‘preview’ his ‘comment’ document. When he ‘finalizes it’ and ‘authorizes it’ we will publish his here as well.

Update (a few hours later): I got Harvey’s permission to ‘publish’ the draft. Here it is in PDF format: Harvey Morse July 2023 Dear Fellow CCH Instructors DRAFT

( If you would like your ‘comment’ or name/count added to the “Sent in the Request for Legislative Review” please email to: info@imfscorp.com )

Round Two: FIGHT!! **

Attend “the meeting” on August 9, 2023.
10:00am at the

This meeting is for ‘comments and discussion’ about ALL of the “proposed changes” to ALL of the Administrative Codes. CCH (Instruction) is a ‘small portion’ of the proposed changes submitted for ‘hearing at the August 9 meeting’ this year. Be prepared: “politician(s)” are already advising that there will be “too many people to allow them to speak. They will ‘close’ the entire meeting or the ‘comment’ period.”

I am not 100% sure, but “I think” your only option for the “just in case, didn’t get a chance to be heard August 9th” problem is: to have sent the “comment” to Schilling (above) before the meeting.

Wear a “NO CCH CHANGES!” shirt or hold up a sign (small, like a ‘letter sized paper (8.5×11″)’) that says the same thing.

Round Two-Point-Five: FIGHT!! **

Contact your “state legislature(s)” and “politicians” including (That Useless, IMHO) Lt. Governor of “ours.” Send them your “COMMENT” document, flood their email boxes, call their offices. One “politician/elected” has already said that they will “try to have the Legislature do what is called ‘Technical Review’.” I am not sure what that means or is, but: Ask/Tell “your” reps about it.

Round Three: Court – There is no Round Three

If “all else fails” then: Court. I/we won’t be involved in that. I/we will accept that “our work here is finished” and the approximately 2,200 ‘students/participants’ we have had in our classes (of all kinds) is enough. “Manifest Destiny” or something like that.

If someone has not “made reasonable efforts” to “follow/exhaust the Administrative process” then that someone “has no ‘standing’ or ’cause'” in (or “before the”) court(s).

For “posterity”

On June 23, 2023 at 4:55PM (EDT) I received the following email and attachments from Robert N. “Bob” Overton (CCH Program Manager/Administrator)

Subject: Upcoming CCH Program changes and Acadis Update


Please see attached documents.


Bob Overton


Word Doc(x): CCH Code Changes and Acadis Update 6-23-23
PDF ‘save’ of above: CCH Code Changes and Acadis Update 6-23-23

CCH-2 Carry Concealed Handgun Course Pre-Delivery Form (06-2023)

CCH-3 Carry Concealed Handgun Course Post-Delivery Form (06-2023)

CCH-4 Carry Concealed Handgun Course Student Roster (06-2023)

*** July 17, 2023 Letter ***

I (Dean Wiley) sent a link or a PDF of copy of (below) to all of the people named in it.


***** Sept. 2, 2023 Update *****

September 2, 2023 “update” – Further “exhausting of the Administrative Process/Remedy”

Since this started (a little over 2 months ago “officially”) “they” have changed the instructions and removed the “template” from the “Rules Review Request Page”. Now: we MUST HAVE AT LEAST 10 of ‘the following’ types of “complete letters” sent in before October 1 (or 5 or 10 they are not “clear and unambiguous” here/there either). Now instead of Postal you can email as well to: mailto:oah.rules@oah.nc.gov

Here is a MS-Word document that you can download/save/edit and email yourself: 2023_0902_NCCCH_RulesReviewCommission_NoNotes

Here is what I sent (PDF): 2023_0902_NCCCH_RulesReviewCommission


I did not ask for – nor mention – “Constitutional Carry” because it is “rumored” that “all of the political will/currency for that has been spent or never existed in the first place.” (Or, that “they” are saving that to put a “W” in the Dash-R column “after Robinson becomes governor!”)


** No! I/We do not mean revolt, ‘unrest’, harassment of specific individuals in the ’employ of the government’, or any other form of violence, protest(eth) too much, and/or stupidity. We mean ‘exhaust the Administrative Process’ so that if ‘we’ end up going to court, we can be heard. The first part of a ‘legal (court) action’ against a/the government is: You must have exhausted (or made ‘reasonable efforts’ in) “the Administrative Process.” And: “I do NOT apologize Mark Robinson.” Show me something you’ve done “Useful” while “on my dime” and I’ll apologize.

“Busy Idiocy” is a term coined in a book about the lunatic ‘populace’ and their ‘local/state/colony’ (some times elected) Government in (Jolly Olde) England circa First-Third of the 1800s. Thaumaturgia (Or) Elucidations of the Marvellous by Oxonian, 1835.