Dean Wiley video review request – CarryTrainer youTube Ep 68 – 4.9/5 or ZERO!

(from Dean Wiley, December 20, 2023)

Yesterday I received an email from a friend with the subject “I want your opinion” with the body only a link to: CarryTrainer (youTube channel/title) “5 Tips for Shooting More Accurately With A Handgun | Episode #68” uploaded on March 8, 2019 with 1,990,760 views as I write this. Please, anyone and everyone, go watch the video: LISTEN to what he says and pay attention to MOST of what he demonstrates. Get him over 2,000,000 views ASAP. Like, subscribe and “bell thingy” him/his-channel. Without (to me) some ABSOLUTE SHOW STOPPERS: I rate the video 4.9 out of 5(.0) “stars or rates or likes.”

Without further to-do and/or ‘caveat’ here’s the video (2023 youTube link/share format):

Yin in/and The Art of Gun-Man-Ship 5/5 rating

Everything he says about “[master] grip” is all that and then some.

The short, sweet and super-clear explanation with ‘demonstration aids’ of “sighting” is 100%.

The “stance stuff” makes my heart go pitter-pat.

Yin? (said like a question) in/and The Art of Gun-Man-Ship 4.9/5 rating

I am “amazed” at the super-man-hands ability of his to “thumb hook” work the slide. It is something that I am “not for”. I am equally amazed at his ability to “Beretta Underneath-Style” work the slide on a Glock. Load, Reload, Malfunction drill while “maintaining the two-handed grip… mostly.” These two ‘feats’ didn’t go into Yin-Period because these are ‘feats’ that not everyone can do.

“Obsessive Press-Checking.” You do you. It is certainly better to be sure (“safe”) than sorry. There are other ways to verify a “round chambered” that do not require taking the gun “out of battery.”

Not “harped on” by him but I find myself very “impressed” by:
– Cross dominate (eye) and doesn’t make a big deal about it, and doesn’t move his head to the gun (or behind it)
– Dry-fire “frozen faced” over the need/ability to “shoot with both eyes open”
* Please, CarryTrainer (or someone get him the request): zoom a camera to your face while shooting an unfamiliar “stage” or “course of fire” and let’s see for ourselves if both eyes remain open and blinking in sync. I say use an unfamiliar stage or course because if you are “thinking (consciously) about two eyes open” then you are going to shoot that way.

It (two-eye-open-shooting) is a “valid” request and question. The(e) World Famous Chad (T 9LL Only) Thompson “insists” on two eyes open shooting, and until we “high speed and hi-def” photographed and video recorded him (cameras on tripods down range, no humans) “truly believed” that he was. The pictures and videos tell a different story. While moving the trigger his left eye “shutters/flutters”. Sometimes it’s partially. Sometimes it’s fully. Never is it never (or both eyes open).

Chad Thompson – Draw with Live Fire – at youTube. Pause at the ‘facing’ shot at approximately 1 minute 11 seconds (1:11) and do frame forward-back and watch that left eye with different levels of ‘zoom’.

Of note for me (an “out of the closet one eye open one closed shooter”): When shooting through an “optic” (red dot or other) I find myself with both eyes open. It just happens.

YANG!!! in/and The Art of Gun-Man-Ship ZERO/5 rating

Most net-izens have checked out already and are (thankfully) on their third or fifth “rabbit hole” video from CarryTrainer and/or Chad Thompson. So, here I go with my “show stoppers” that “just ruin it for me.”

There are NO exceptions to NEVER and ALWAYS. -me (regarding the FOUR* Fundamental/Cardinal RULES of Firearm Safety). NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

NO! ( 4:38 )

Screenshot 2023-12-20 124054

NO!! ( 5:40 )

Screenshot 2023-12-20 122818

..and OH HELL NO!!!!111!! ( 5:30 )

Screenshot 2023-12-20 124141

The first two are what I call “The Praying Hands Posture” (at “Three”). In my own sexist and unscientific “studies” I note: Women do this a lot more than men. DO NOT do the “Praying Hands” at three with your gun pointed upwards in front of your face or worse: UNDER YOUR CHIN.

The third (that came in the video before the 2nd but I watched the whole thing twice in spite of “The Show Stopper Rule(s)”) is “Charlie’s Angels” or “Book ‘Em, Danno!” (HI-5-0).

In all three, ask yourself this: What would happen *IF* that gun went off right then? In the first two: a hole in a ceiling (and roof?) that could not have gotten ‘drilled’ there otherwise. In the third: the same hole and BLIND IN BOTH EYES. The ‘flash’, fire, smoke and brass would come out across your “lookin balls” (~Thee Chad T 9LL Only).

Rule 2:
– ( Old Way – and USMC post-1.1.2020 ) NEVER point your gun at anything you are not WILLING to KILL or DESTROY.
– ( New Post-1986 Way ) ALWAYS point your [banned/redacted] in a SAFE direction.

Rule 4: KNOW your target, what is around it, and beyond it. Everything you WILLFULLY (see 2 old/USMC way) point a gun at IS a target.

If I owned the indoor range that CarryTrainer was using: he would be “banned” pending demonstration of proper “good habits” that adhere to the four rules.

A video offering “contrition and acknowledgement” of a complacency or “bad habit(s)” put to rest would be a Great thing. He has a rather large audience and following.

Also, to “minimize” it, to an “optimization” and not have to “take credit/blame” for something/anything as We The People are self-entitled to: Call it “acknowledgement” of the saying that (1) is most often attributed to “Master [Bruce] Lee” and (2) Chad Thompson used in his video (above), “Speed is the economy of motion.” I noticed that when “pressing out” from three-to-four (center to extension) CarryTrainer “Dolphin Jumps” or “Dolphins” the gun. That arc costs precious 100ths!!! Kilt on the skreets!

If the gun is ALWAYS (with NO exception) pointed at a target of your WILLFUL AND DELIBERATE choosing then you can wiggle your finger at “three/center” and “stop your threat”. And, if your finger “accidentally” wiggles at three you won’t shoot your foolish face off and/or your upstairs neighbor and/or your shooting ranges ceiling (and roof).

= = =

Well, Friend (The Good King) George (H.). There it is. 4.9 or 5.0 stars/hearts/thumbs/etc UNTIL…

September 3, 2017. Another friend “asked/told” me to “opine” about something similar. No “Lady Cops” took us up on the/a offer for Good Training FREE!!!! (without caveat and/or asterisk – truly free). No jobs or contracts for me at NCJA 🙁

Lady Cop “workspace” working (broken-heart emoji)

My “two range rules” (that are really Life Rules): Be Safe, Have Fun. (If you are not being safe I am NOT having fun.)