NC PPS and BLET Targets, Scoring and Courses Of Fire

PPS (Handgun) Firearms Trainers and BLET (not necessarily In-Service) Specialized Instructor(s) Firearms

September 30, 2022: After MONTHS ( began May 11, 2022 ) of very difficult or no communications from PPSB and a 50-60 hour week of “going around in circles” with NCJA (East / Salemburg) and both sets of Administrative Codes (Sheriffs and CJ) the following documents have been “received”, found and downloaded, or created (re-created, updated and edited) by Dean Wiley. More ‘History’, background notes, and other information after the ‘important’ documents (and at a later date).

Course Of Fire (COF) “Pages” received from PPSB Director Paul Sherwin on September 13, 2022 at 8:07am (0807 hours):


Dean Wiley’s “RSO/Trainer Cheat Sheets” (Handgun Day and Night COFs) last updated 09/29/22 to ‘match*’ the Official COFs above as well as address target size and scoring:



* Official PPSB says “should” regarding flashlight off during reload at night, “Sheets” say “MUST”. “Sheets” do not address BLET “optional during last two rounds (support hand)” after the reload at night.

* Speed load five magazines for semi-automatics day and night: 12-8-12-12-6

PPS and BLET (not necessarily In-Service) B-27 Target Size and Scoring “Guide”:


2019 “In Service Firearms Qualification Training Manual” downloaded from NCDOJ / NCJA “files” area(s) found via the NCJA web pages (“BLET” COFs do not mention the flashlight during shooting or “in between strings” – only “MUST be off during the reload”) (Downloaded September 16, 2022):


** Additional Information, Background, Notes, History SOON **

September 30, 2022: “Official” PPS(B) COFs not published at DPS/PPSB sites/pages.

10th Edition PPSB Firearms Training Manual “STUDENT” ( Copyright 2022 ) from NCJA has leap-frogged backwards to 2016-2017 ‘era’ COFs that, like the 2019 In Service Manual, do not mention the flashlight other than must be off during reload.



March 24, 2023: The Copyright (c) 2023 version of the “only available at the Long-Gun Trainer Certification Course” book has a new/different way of scoring shotgun slugs. The “Firearms Training – Student Manual” (handgun and shotgun) latest version from the NCJA Bookstore still has it the “old” (wrong) way.

The “Course” (that includes the course[s] of fire) must be approved by the Board (PPSB) and the Secretary of Public Safety. The problem that “we” (74-C regulated entities) have always had since the invention of PPSB: The Board and the Secretary DO NOT PUBLISH what the approved course[s] is [or are]. Since “RSJ” wrote the newest book and is on the Board: “We do it his way and should – or probably have to – ‘take his word for it’.”

(PDF File) Updated March 24, 2023: NCPPS_Shotgun_RSOSheet

Rifle / Carbine

April 9 2023: uploaded and linked the three “Cheat Sheets”. Intro and explanations needed here (TODO for later).

Rifle Standards Drill: NCPPS_Rifle_Standards_Drill_RSOSheet

Rifle Day: NCPPS_Rifle_Day_RSOSheet

Rifle Night: NCPPS_Rifle_Night_RSOSheet


30 Round Total to Per-Cent

PDF down to 91 (60.67% or 60.7%): NCPPS_BLET_B27_30Round_Math_Sheet

MS Excel (xlsx) down to 21 (14.0%): PPS 30 Round Math