Sep 1-3 NC PPS Armed Full & Re-Certification

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 through Thursday, September 3, 2020 we will be conducting a North Carolina Private Protective Services Firearms Certification Class/Course. This is a TWENTY classroom hours certification course for handguns (no shotgun training). Day 3 – Thursday – includes recertification for handguns.


Starting time for the first two days is: Ten (10:00) A.M. On Thursday, September 3, we will begin at Eleven (11:00) A.M.

Complete course schedule and requirements here (Adobe PDF document): 2020_0901_IMFs_PPS_Armed_3DayCourseOutlineRequirements

All participants MUST have ALL of their equipment (guns, holsters, magazines, flashlights, belts) ready to train with at 10AM on Tuesday September 1. We begin “practical” training IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT bring live ammunition into the “classroom”.

The cost per participant/student:
– $220.00 (includes $20 range fee to H2O Fowl Farms) for full certification
– $120.00 (includes $20 range fee to H2O Fowl Farms) for recertification
* The more that attend, the lower the individual cost. See our NCPPS[B] page.

*** August 24 Important Update see ( * ) ***

Lolair Protection Agency ( ) is sending four “full course” participants and a Security Officer from Black Box Security ( ) has made arrangements on his own for re-certification. Because of them the “five or more” rates apply to everyone.
$170.00 (includes $20 range fee to H2O Fowl Farms*) for full certification
$100.00 (includes $20 range fee to H2O Fowl Farms*) for recertification

( * ) Range set-up and clean-up including “at least as much brass/cases as we shoot” is required. If you don’t want to clean-up including picking up brass bring $20.00 more for “range fee” to pay someone else to do it for you. If you don’t want to pay more or set-up and clean-up: Get your PPSB certification some where else.

Contact IMFs Corp to sign up or for more information:
(910) 892 – 1616
(Do not contact H2O Fowl Farms, IMFs is the “coordinator” for this course.)

The classroom portion is being held at Consolidated Underwriters at their 206 South Wilson Avenue, Dunn, NC, 28334 location. Please park in the rear of the building.

DO NOT bring live ammunition into the classroom. -= NO BULLETS!! =-

Range training and Qualification is to be at H2O Fowl Farms. This is an outdoor range. Dress appropriately and bring a lot of water.

H2O’s website: