IALEFI at the Academy 2015

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The annual International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors ( IALEFI ) regional training conference at the North Carolina Justice Academy ( NCJA ), East / Salemburg Campus, is on Monday, November 9 and Tuesday November 10 this year.  No need to find a hotel, NCJA has very nice dorms available.

NRA LE instructors: these are not “just” excellent classes, they count towards your ‘required training hours’ renewal requirement.IALEFI

Events include:
• Vendor Displays
• Close Quarter Pistol *
• Reflexive and Red Dot Sight Systems *
• Tactical Shotgun Operation *
• Operating in Low Light Conditions
• Benelli Nova Armorer Course
Steel Targets – Fact and Fantasy
* = Live Fire, high round count

Scholarship Charity Challenge Mini-Match
Open to the public. **
Bring your eye and ear/hearing protection and your gear to the range on the afternoon of Monday, November 9.  The one-stage mini-match for the benefit of the IALEFI Scholarship Fund will be held again.  $5 for a single shoot, $20 to shoot five times.  12 rounds and one reload are required per run.

Usually three winners are selected to share a portion of the collected money.  This year there will be other prizes and all of the collections are going to the Scholarship Fund.  The winners are selected by dividing the sorted list of finished time-scores into three equal parts and picking the first name on each list.  October 12 Update: So far we have six trophies for match winners.  The top three will each get one, then the listed will be “folded” into quarters and the first name below the three folds will also get one.

** If you are a “qualified” shooter – Security, Law Enforcement, Corrections Officer, “Competition” (IDPA, USPSA/IPSC) or “match” shooter – please join us in this mini-NCJA Charity Challenge.  You do not have to be an Instructor or Conference Attendee to join us in this skills test and fund-raiser.  You do have to be qualified (please, self-assess) as there will be over 100 Firearms Instructors on hand to make sure you are safe.  You must be able to safely draw from your holster and reload.

2015’s Course of Fire (PDF): 2015_11_IALEFI_NCJACCmini

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If you are a Law Enforcement, Security or Military Firearms Instructor or Trainer and not yet a member of IALEFI, get signed up now at their web site: http://www.ialefi.com/
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October 12, 2015: “Steel Targets” has been cancelled and replaced with an 8-hour Benelli Armorer Course.  Forms below have been updated to reflect this change.

Here is an updated schedule and registration form:
Microsoft Word ‘compatible .doc’ version:
2015_0908_IALEFI_FirearmsInstructorConf2015_AllFixes.doc (link removed)
New 10/12/15: 2015_IALEFI_NCJA_October9Update
Adobe PDF version:
2015_0908_IALEFI_FirearmsInstructorConf2015_AllFixes.pdf (link removed)
New 10/12/15: 2015_IALEFI_NCJA_October9Update

You must also register at NCJA using the online system (see Number 2 under “Registration and Fee”):