Sat Feb 6 2021 Mostly Womens Concealed Carry Invitational (Mostly)

On Saturday, February 6, 2021 we will be holding a “Mostly Women’s Defense including Lethal/Deadly Force Handgun-Centric ‘Clinic'” packaged as a Mostly Women’s North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) (mostly) class. This class starts at 9:00a.m. and should finish by 7:00-7:30p.m. The price for this class: is in the invitation.

Mostly Women’s because some of the ‘ladies’ significant others/spouses are “auditing”. Mostly it’s for the ladies…



This course is being conducted under the “Modified Stay At Home Orders” by, and the most recent orders from, the NC government for “Operating Businesses during the Coronavirus Pandemic.” Face coverings (masks) will be available and REQUIRED. Limited seating – invitation only. All contact surfaces regularly ‘disinfected/sanitized’.


This class is being hosted by:
Consolidated Underwriters
206 South Wilson Avenue
Dunn, NC 28334
Google Maps (Short URL):
Please park in the back.



May 7, 2016 Gun Powder Gals

It was my privilege and honor to work with this great bunch of Gals back in April (rained-out) and today at the Gun Powder Gals Women’s Only Practical Tactical Clinic.  Thanks to every one of you, and extra-thanks to Candy Sugarman.
~ Dean Wiley

Here’s the scores/results and complicated-technical “Stage Briefs” for their first timed event and two mini-match stages.  (Adobe PDF): 2016_0507_GunPowderGalsPracticalTactical

A few things to remember from our time together:

Women shoot better and can hold their guns out there longer because: “We hold babies [like that].”  Mystery demystified 🙂

When in doubt about what to do with your non-shooting (support) hand, put it over your heart / don’t put it near the gun.  No crossing thumbs, especially all the way behind a handgun.  No “support or bracing” (cup-saucer, elbows or arms set on a surface).  Seattle police shootout Dec. 2015 – 2:58-3:08 notice the 45-to-90 degree muzzle flip:

The Gun Powder Gals (Candy Sugarman):

The shooting range we used was H2O Fowl Farms – hunting, shooting, 2nd Saturday IDPA matches, training/clinics:

Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms Group:
Facebook (must be logged in):
— Dean Wiley:
— Patrick Riley:

And, now, I must end this – gotta go do mothers day stuff.  I thank you ladies again and wish you all Happy Mother’s Day!  Sorry for the long delay in getting this posted – got to “play date” with the Grands after our little thing yesterday and then Computers, internet, servers, the Great “Why Can’t I Just… Argh!” happened.
~ Dean, 5/8/16



October 17 2015 Women’s NC CCH

On Saturday, October 17, 2015 we will be holding a Pink Ops (women only) North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) class.  One-Day CCH classes start at 8:00a.m. and finish (usually) by 5:30-6:00p.m.  The cost is $90.00 if you use your gun and ammunition, $100.00 if you use ours.

Sorry, gentlemen, this one is for the ladies onlyOctober 6 Update: Open to Men and Women.

4 Seats are “booked” for the winner(s) of Wendy Wilkes Harmon’s Harnett Region Friends of NRA Women’s Drawing.  Thank you Wendy for all of the hard work and planning!

Sign up at Gunners Choice Outfitters – 910-892-1699

Here’s a detailed flyer (PDF format): 2015_1017_NCCCH_Flyer

Here’s a waiver and release if you want to get ahead on the paperwork (PDF fillable format): 2015_1017_NCCCH_IMFs_Waiver_Fillable